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The Parkfinda system is designed to transform the parking spaces of small, medium and large organisations by marketing under-used spaces, maximising revenue, providing a competitive advantageand driving down costs through operational efficiency. We specialise in helping your business grow using our range of parking solutions including our Valet 360, Mobile App, Website, Call to Park, Smart Payment Kiosk and ANPR/LPR technologies. All designed to improve the customer experience and increase the use of your parking

Our Customer Experience

Roni Smiles09/13/2019
it's a very convenient place to park, and probably a very safe option as well. the parking attendant is very helpful and flexible. however, it is pricey if you pay there, but if you book in advance it's much more reasonable, the height is limited, 1m63cm or 5'4, low inside in some parts. there is a pedestrian entrance/exit near the parking attendants office/near staples inn walk path.
Darshak W (DeltaWhiskey738)09/14/2022
Absolutely brilliant experience with this car park. I rode my motorbike down to London today which I was very apprehensive about since I’ve never done it before. I was concerned about riding in the congestion zone and parking. I contacted ‘My car park’ late last night and spoke to someone on the customer service team that explained everything over the phone. It gave me reassurance that I wasn’t going to be faffing around once I got there. They took my details and sent me a link via email to pay for the parking in advance. It’s a flat rate of £6 per day for motorbikes. Once I arrived at the barrier it automatically lifted which sends you down a ramp to a second barrier which also lifts automatically. This gave me huge confidence that my bike was going to be safe. Once I got down there, there was plenty of parking available. There’s also easy pedestrian assess to and from street level, through a security door so you can rest assured no one will be nosing around your pride and joy. And there was security patrolling the car park to give you that extra reassurance. I spoke to multiple staff before and during my visit with enquiries and they were all very pleasant and very helpful. I will definitely be using this service again when needed and I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants peace of mind when leaving their vehicle in London.
Fernando Gallotta de Meira Lins .•.07/01/2023
good option to park close to centre of town. However need take care with the height of your car. The way to exit have a extremely low roof. maybe around 1.60m and is possible damage the roof of your veichle or broke the FM aerial on the top.