Booking Platform

  • The Parkfinda system is designed to transform the parking spaces of small, medium and large organisations by marketing under-used spaces, maximising revenue, providing a competitive advantage and driving down costs through operational efficiency. We specialise in helping your business grow using our range of parking products including our Mobile App, Website, Call to Park, Smart Payment Kiosk and ANPR/LPR technologies. All designed to improve the customer experience and increase the use of your parking

Park Now

  • Customers can seamlessly book their parking space using our smart parking mobile app with just a few clicks.
  • Customers can easily view location and access information upon receiving their booking confirmation.
  • Customers can manage their parking information digitally and can print and download tax receipts at any time from their account.
  • It is customised to your business requirements whether that be ‘Pay on arrival’ or ‘Pay on exit’.

Park Later

  • Optimise your under-utilised parking assets and maximise revenue with our pre-book parking solution. Market your spaces to the rest of the world with our global parking app without having to lift a finger.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing when to list your parking spaces on the app. Our smart dynamic pricing algorithm filters demand and availability in the area to give you an optimal pricing structure. Our system can also apply seasonal or event-based pricing to generate guaranteed revenue.
  • Every driver on our platform is verified and their details are listed on our dashboard, to prevent unauthorised parking.
  • Real-time visibility of every vehicle that parks in your spaces, allows you to securely focus on boosting revenue at your home or office.

Park for an unknown duration

This unique feature allows you to place bookings even when you are unsure of the duration of your parking. Simply click on the 'I don't know how long I am parking for' checkbox, and the timer will start when you begin your session. Simply end the timer with one simple click. Benefit from this one of a kind feature only found on Parkfinda.

Smart Payment Kiosks

Our own Smart Payment Kiosks: Slim, Plus and Max, can be tailored for your business specifications and requirements. We offer a wide range of payment kiosks with touchscreen technology and embedded barcode scanners for validator or payment kiosks.

This technology provides customers with a simple process to pay and leave and removes the need to print and display tickets. Customers enjoy the convenience of a touch-free experience using a smartphone to scan the QR code and pay. Digital receipts are sent to customers’ emails containing details of parking duration, discounts and applicable taxes. The 4G connectivity of our Smart Payment Kiosks make them suitable for both an indoor or outdoor environment.

Our payment options include contactless payments that support mobile contactless bank payment technology.

Our Kiosk range can be easily integrated with our very own ANPR/LPR technology and enforcement management systems. We are also able to integrate them with other access solutions and enforcement providers.

Call to Park

  • Use our 24/7 regional self-service number to book your space from any mobile device.
  • Simply Call to Park and book your space hassle-free.


  • We can design a tailor made global smart I-Frame system that allows you to have a customised booking platform embedded in your website, offering customers the convenience of automation. This would be a more efficient way of displaying parking tariffs for customers and would be an alternative and convenient booking platform for a seamless parking experience.
  • Avoid double bookings with complex AI technology that continuously updates the availability of spaces, allowing you to easily collect customer information and provide automatic email confirmations.
  • Save time and maximise efficiency with Parkfinda.

Scan And Park

  • In a hurry? Simply scan our QR code to book your space in a few easy steps. Gain access to our booking platform dashboard with one quick scan.The advanced QR artwork improves your scanning experience by making it quicker and easier to scan.
  • Simply scan, pay, and park.