Valet 360

The Valet 360 end-to-end integrated cloud-based platform delivers a complete solution for the operation and management of your parking facility. Powered by an advanced AI system, Valet 360 represents the future of Smart parking technology, immediately offering efficiency and adaptability to the parking facility, through a centralized operation hub.

Valet Manager

Facilitates a comprehensive valet and event service aimed to maximize customer convenience and reduces the risk of theft.

Vehicle Parking System

VPS provides a completely integrated platform for parking management, featuring a cloud-based software with seamless integration on a robust web dashboard. The centralized hub serves as a secure and efficient solution for operating parking garages – car parks.

Multi Booking Platform

Focused in driving business growth, the integrated parking products encompasses a mobile app, Dynamic website,h QR and call to park, offering a seamless and effective booking solution within a single platform

Access Control

Specialized in a range of parking solutions including Smart Kiosks, ANPR &LPR, Barriers and access controls ensuring fully fledged access management for the car park.