Enforcement Management Platform

  • Parkfinda can automate the whole lifecycle of the enforcement process. Our cloud based platform enables enables simplicity in parking contravention management and moving traffic enforcement. Providing you control and flexibility while offering visualised contravention progression.

Smart Enforcement

ANPR/LPR used across the parking industry by operators small, medium and large. By coupling our specially designed high performance ANPR/LPR cameras with our ground-breaking image analysis software integration improves efficiency by seamlessly processing ANPR images and using innovative tools to reduce administration and extend enforcement hours without the financial overheads.

Mobile Enforcement

We offer manned patrol services with our unique smart enforcement app that automatically detects if a vehicle has paid for parking or not. This is simply done by just scanning their number plate on the vehicle through the mobile phone camera or by entering their VRN. This app is connected to our Smart PCN management dashboard which then tells the patrol officer if a car has overstayed or not. With this seamless app patrol officers can instantly issue PCNs manually using a Hand-to-Driver machine.

Adjudication Management

A simplified process to manage the full ticket lifecycle of your contravention with automated progression. This integrated feature uses AI to efficiently gather and provide evidence and information relevant to the appeals body. Our intelligent and feature-rich parking management and enforcement system is designed to meet the needs of private enforcement companies and local authorities. Fast, efficient and rigorous appeals process.

Contravention Progression

Parkfinda automates the entire violation management. This feature gives you complete control over the whole lifecycle of parking contraventions, from issue to recovery action and every step in between. Different templates can be built for different ticket types (tickets from a mobile enforcement application, ANPR, etc.), as well as setting up response types that can be configured to be available only when certain ticket statuses have been triggered. This includes various enforcement types and ticket statuses such as whether an appeal accepted, declined, paid or unpaid.

  • View a financial summary of your listed spaces
  • See revenue comparisons between car parks or across time periods
  • Make financial analysis simple with our analytics dashboard
  • Make financial planning hassle-free with our easy access data and summaries